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Terry Wolf

Terry is US Army veteran and served in the Vietnam War. He founded TASCO Air Conditioning with his wife and friend Susan in 1982. Terry is a graduate of St. Phillips College.

He served as representative in the US Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Knights of Columbus. He currently volunteers with  Habitat For Humanity, active parishioner in St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and active member in the Knights of Columbus.

Role: President & Owner

Industry Years: 33

Laine Houston

For the past seventeen years I have devoted all of my talents, time, and energy to learning every aspect of the HVAC industry and becoming a top notch diagnostician. I have completed over one thousand hours of training through Trane Air Conditioning, CPS, Owens Corning, 3M, Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, RUUD, and other giants in the industry. I worked on an installation crew for about five years, and I spent a couple of years in the office learning job pricing, budgeting, and logistics. By far my favorite time spent at TASCO has been the decade spent in my service truck.

The time I have spent learning various aspects of my industry has left me with a deep understanding of not only the science of air conditioning and heating, but also the needs of each individual customer. The effort I’ve put into becoming an expert in my field is evident in my work.

I have come to know, and have grown a relationship with, the entire TASCO customer base. The personal relationship I have with countless customers has often been compared to the relationship people had with their mechanics, repairmen, and other service industry professionals in the 1950’s. I’ve always welcomed this comparison, as that is how my dad taught me it should be.

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