Take joy in the little things with Trane TruComfort Systems

How many times in life do we actually stop and take joy in the little things? For most of us not as often as we would like, and I admit to passing by the little things on occasion myself. However, I do remember one time on my niece’s second birthday noticing this joy in its true and glorious form. As this little child started opening her gifts, I remember never having hearing so many “ooos” and “aaahs” in all my life.  Her reaction was pure, and the joy she felt came from the pretty gift wrapped packages and the beautiful ribbons tied up into decorative bows. Then when she finally saw the contents her reaction of pure joy became infectious, and every person in attendance began to share in the happiness.

For me I can remember this feeling, although I was not a child and it came in different gift wrapped package. Mine was the first night after we had our Trane TruComfort system installed, that I reached this level of excitement and joy. For years my thermostat on the old system had been programmed at 10:00 pm to reach 74 degrees and at 3:00 am to change to 73 degrees. All this was to make it more comfortable upstairs when I went to bed, and then change later to get rid of the sticky feeling that comes with humidity gain inside the house when there is no heat load, or outdoor temperature difference to make the cooling unit cycle. Which was costing me money in energy bills. Once the technicians who installed y system started it up they left it set at 77 degrees. I didn’t think about checking the T-stat setting and went to sleep that night. I woke the next day around 2:00 am, and realized that I was cold and went to see what the control setting was, and to my amazement it was at 77 degrees! I was groggy and couldn’t believe me eyes, how could this be? I was cold upstairs with the new system at 77 degrees and that was never the case with the old system at a much lower setting. So I started to try and make sense of it all.

When I decided to change my system I wanted the duct work replaced as well. The system we removed was well over 18 years old, and I have had vast renovations made in this period of time, so I ran an ACCA Manuel-J heat load calculation to ensure we were installing the right size system and duct work. This was a very important step because we found that the old system was an entire ton too large for the actual load on the house, meaning I could purchase a smaller unit and provide better comfort at a lower operating cost. The air circulation balance was greatly improved with these two updates. The temperature upstairs was nearly 4 degrees different than downstairs before, now it was no more than 1 degree. This began to make me feel like my young child surrounded by beautiful gifts. I knew the upgrade would be great but I didn’t plan on that large and noticeable difference right away.

When we updated my father-in-laws system a few years earlier with the top of the line Trane XL19i, I noticed at that time he could set his t-stat a couple of degrees warmer than mine, but 4 degrees this was unbelievable.

The Variable speed indoor and outdoor units are much more rewarding than I had hoped for. All of my customers rave about the improvement in comfort and lower energy bills after they have replaced their systems; it just took a while for me to get around to having my system updated. The temperatures throughout the house are so even and balanced, and this new system is so quiet I have to open the closet door to make sure it’s still there. The increase in comfort level and efficiency comes from the humidity removal the unit provides. Making it feel very comfortable at a warmer t-stat setting, meaning that I you can maintain a higher level of comfort at a higher temperature set point. WOW!!!!! Isn’t technology something?

Recently I updated the system control for a WIFI T-stat that I can control with my phone, tablet, or laptop, which is cool all on its own. I now have a remote control for my cooling system and it is right here in my hand all day, and I can see the temp settings without going downstairs, or adjust the settings when I’m not home. All of this is to minimize the system run time and lower my energy consumption saving me money every month. After all four degrees when associated in Tstat settings is a big chunk off of my electric bill.

Taking joy in the little things may not always be easy. My niece was definitely better than me at showing the joy she felt, but Tranes TruComfort system has me feeling that way. I want to sing from the roof tops about the benefits of having the highest level of comfort, and the energy saving that come with it. I will continue to tell anyone willing to listen because my wife would really like for me to shut up about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! TRANE TRUCOMFORT you really got it right this time!


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