My Aunt Nancy & Trust

My Aunt Nancy was a real farmer and she loved it. Taking care of the animals. Planting the garden. Working in the fields, giving the crops the best chance to produce in the dry Texas climate. Feeding, milking, keeping the light going that provided warmth for a new brood of chicks so they could produce eggs and drum sticks in the summer. Getting up in the middle of the night when she heard a ruckus to see if there was a fox or maybe a snake after her chickens. Whatever came along she was there to help. Hand feeding the young ones when the mother rejected them or nursing them back to health if they were injured or sick. It was all part of her day.

Putting the food in the top to receive what came out the bottom. That’s the production process for milk and eggs. Plant and water and watch the seeds spring to life to generate there contribution to the farmers table.

Everything we would eat at her house, she would have a hand in the life it took to make it. My Aunt Nance was always knee deep in life. Connected with everything as she brought about a partnership. It’s like you take care of me and Ill take care of you. That extended not only to the things she nurtured, but to the neighbors as well. You need help just call and she would come running.  Connected to life in so many ways. When I asked her later in life how she kept up with all she had to do? Her answer was simply that was her life , she did not know anything else

Connected? Today we have do business with so many people that we don’t know. Advertising, a referral, Angies List and people on Google. When we need help, sometimes we just have to hope we are making a good choice. Its all ways nice to have someone you have used before and have a rapport with. Earning trust and keeping it is the key to any business. That is why I sell Trane, use Ince as my distributor and work every day to make TASCO your Air Conditioning provider. Trust must be earned and you have to work hard to keep it As Aunt Nancy would say if I can help just call and Ill come running. We will be there for you.