A Good Life – Terry Wolf

It does not seem like I started this business that long ago, but I guess it’s been a while. The reason I say that is I just got a life time membership in an organization I belong to. I think it takes twenty years of service and after reaching the age of sixty five to get to that point. Many stories come to mind as I think back over the years, but what I’m thinking about today is my years of business.

The great thing about being in a home service like air conditioning is you get invited into people’s homes to do your job. You have time to visit and become friends as well as customers. People will have coffee ready maybe a piece of cake or cookies. Sometimes a bag of tomatoes or jalapenos could be a bunch of cookies for the road. People are just really nice and naturally good when given the opportunity. They show their appreciation of the service you provide and the time you take for some conversation. It is something I really miss. When I first started out, Mel, my co-worker and I were making the calls as I was starting the business. Building a customer base one cup of coffee at a time. Knowing each customer’s name and a lot of their family history. More of a social call than doing business. Some great things happened to us that showed me just how great people are when given the chance. Let me tell you about one such stories.

It was about 6:00 PM one work day when the phone rang. It was a customer that we had been servicing for sometime. He said he would appreciate it very much if I could come over. His air conditioner was not working properly but he would understand if I couldn’t. I said not to worry and that I was on my way.

When I got to his house it didn’t take long to find the problem and get the cooling going again. I walked into the house to find him and just inside the front door was a sign that said, “PLEASE JUST COME ON IN AND HELP CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF MY WIFE.” As I walked pass the sign, he came towards me, put out his hand, and thanked me for coming. I had a hard time talking. His wife was a great woman and I enjoyed visiting with her when we did their work. He said she enjoyed us too. I asked what had happened, and he told me about her illness and that the passing had been coming for quite a while and she was now in a better place.

I thought how he had been almost apologetic for calling me so late in the day and expressed it to him. Such an evening with what he was going through of course I would be there for him. He looked at me with such sad eyes and said he knew I would be there if I could but he didn’t want to feel bad if I couldn’t. I shook his hand and left saying I was sorry about his loss or something to that effect. I did not want him to see the tears forming in my eyes at how touched I was by this moment. His words, “I did not want you to feel bad if you couldn’t come.” What compassion he showed me when he himself was hurting so bad.

When you have people like that come into your life, it is so giving. “The coffee’s ready, have some cake, here’s some veggies I picked fresh this morning so you could take them home to your wife.” You really get motivated to do the best you can for them.

You want to learn how to do a better job for them. Ed Fleming’s words, “Learn how to do the job the right way, then do it the right way.” have become my philosophy. Going to technical schools and seminars, trade fairs and manufacturer’s presentations keeps us on the far front of our industry. Knowing why the variable speed application in Trane’s new Tru Comfort series lets me know the value in presenting this product to my clients. Knowing the support I will receive from Ince my distributor, the constant training of our techs and installers gives me confidence in TASCO’s ability to do our best to serve our customers today and going forward. They deserve our best, to constantly improve the knowledge and application of our product that is what we will provide.

Trane , Ince, and TASCO provide the level of comfort and value you deserve.