Humidity in Your San Antonio Home

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When the mercury starts rising, energy bills tend to rise right along with them. In the San Antonio area, the humidity can quickly overwhelm your AC system and leave you fanning yourself or sticking your head in the freezer. Before you go to those lengths, though, read up on the many ways the moisture in the air could be making your heat problem worse.

With the right cooling system in place, you’ll soon be able to sit back with an ice-cold drink and enjoy the chill in comfort.

It’s Not the Heat: It’s the Humidity!

Humidity is the measurement of moisture in the air. When water vapor saturates the air, it becomes more humid, which can make it feel warmer. We’re most comfortable when these levels are around 45 to 55 percent. Air conditioning systems work by removing hot, muggy air from the home and returning only refreshing cool air.

When the heat becomes humid during the spring, summer or even autumn, the temperature can feel hotter than it really is, and the air might feel thick or swampy. This is why meteorologists often provide two temperatures: the actual temperature and the heat index. The heat index measures how hot the air feels once the relative moisture levels are calculated into the temperature.

Moisture-filled air doesn’t just make the outside feel hotter. It can make your home feel warmer than it really is, too, which causes your AC system to run less efficiently. Without the right cooling capacity, high moisture can overwhelm your AC unit’s ability to cool your home. You’ll feel hotter, and your AC will need to run more often. Your energy bills will be higher, and your home will be uncomfortably warm even at temperatures that should be comfortable. It becomes a never-ending cycle of heat, discomfort, energy inefficiency and high costs.

Symptoms of excess dampness in your home include:

  • Foggy windows
  • Musty odors
  • Moist-feeling air, which can cause your skin to feel clammy

If your home feels damp or uncomfortably warm and your AC just isn’t keeping up with the heat, it might be time for a checkup.

Taking Control of Moisture Levels in Your Home

Air conditioners work by removing some of the dampness in the home and by cooling the air. Using a dehumidifier or pairing your air conditioner unit with a dehumidifier will make it easy for you to have better control over both the temperature and the dampness of your home. Your air conditioner will work more effectively, and because it won’t be working so hard, your energy bills should decrease. Those foggy windows, damp smells and clammy-feeling skin will also vanish.

A simple AC system checkup can help you identify common trouble spots. Moisture tends to be hard on your AC unit’s condenser coils, which makes it harder for them to release heat properly. Clean them thoroughly so that your unit can run more efficiently and remove the moisture from the air as it should.

Cleaning the coils is the first step, but it might not be enough to get and keep your AC system operating at peak efficiency. Preventive maintenance that includes regular inspections and cleaning of your system’s components is essential. Our AC repair technician can thoroughly check out each part of your system and do a tune-up, spotting and fixing potential problems before they lead to complete system failure. You definitely do not want your AC dying in the middle of a heat wave!

Two-Stage Air Conditioners and Damp Air

You can also upgrade your AC system. That doesn’t mean you need a bigger, more powerful unit. In fact, that can be counterproductive. When an AC system is too big, it will cool your house to the desired temperatures without having enough time to remove moisture from the air. Your house might be the right temp, but it won’t feel comfortable.

Instead, switching to a two-stage air conditioner can lower your energy bills and the amounts of moisture in your air. Single stage ACs are either on or off. They turn on and run until they reach the right temperature, and then they turn off again. The inconsistency means that they often aren’t on long enough to remove moisture, much like the too-large systems. You’ll be uncomfortable, and your home will feel damp. They’re also energy hogs. Every time the unit powers up, it consumes a massive amount of energy, much like a car. As the day progresses, it will turn off and on numerous times, devouring both energy and your paycheck.

Two-stage AC systems work differently. They have two operation levels. On hot, muggy summer days, they’ll run at the high level needed to keep your home cool, dry and comfortable. On mild days, such as in the spring or autumn, they run on a lower setting unless needed to kick on higher. You’ll stay cool and comfortable, and the air in your home will be dryer. It won’t be turning on and off constantly, which means it will be more energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Whether you need an AC checkup or a whole new system, we’re here to help. Our experienced AC repair technician in San Antonio and our whole team has the experience necessary to help you find the right cooling solution for your home or office. Call us today to learn more or to get a service quote.

San Antonio Seasonal AC Service – Heating System Check

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HVAC Seasonal Service – Heat Checks

For many homeowners in San Antonio, a change of seasons means switching HVAC settings from cooling to heating. Of course, anybody who lives within the San Antonio is also well-aware that there can be days when some AC is needed even during the fall and winter months. This is exactly why we firmly recommend that HVAC season service include AC repair, furnace inspections, and an overall evaluation of your heating and cooling system and its various components and parts. Fortunately, we’re your trusted source for this type of service.

Why Have Your Heater Checked Before Cooler Weather Arrives?

Being proactive about HVAC maintenance before you are regularly using your heater can reduce the odds that you’ll suddenly be without heat when days get cooler. When you contact us for seasonal maintenance, one of our trusted local heating technicians will arrive promptly to check your furnace. A typical furnace-related inspection includes:

  • Checking each heating element
  • Inspecting system controls
  • Removing and cleaning burners, when necessary
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for signs of cracks and deterioration
  • Cleaning and adjusting the pilot and pilot assembly on gas units
  • Inspecting the electric ignition on electric units
  • Checking the thermostat to make sure it’s giving accurate readings
  • Inspecting the motor, air filter, belts and pulleys, and flue pipe

You may be surprised to learn that lack of maintenance is commonly ranked as one of the top furnace-related problems. This is because dirt and debris can accumulate over time and accelerate wear and tear. A poorly maintained system also tends to work harder, which can contribute to even more issues with motors, belts, and other essential parts.

The good news is that if you do need a new heating element, a replacement filter, or various repairs performed we can easily provide what you need or get the necessary work done quickly and affordably. If there are any serious issues detected during a routine check, we’ll tell you what’s going on, give you an honest estimate, and let you decide what’s right for your needs and budget.

What Does Air Conditioning System Maintenance Involve?

It’s just as important to consider seasonal preventive maintenance for your cooling system. You’re welcome to schedule HVAC seasonal service for the purpose of assessing your AC before you get ready to start using your air conditioning on a regular basis of just prior to the arrival of cooler weather.

A licensed and trained AC repair technician from our team will evaluate all components of your air conditioning system to identify possible sources of inefficiency. AC repair can also be performed on the spot if a problem that should be taken care of sooner rather than later is discovered. A routine cooling system inspection involves:

  • Cleaning dirty condenser coils
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels and making necessary adjustments
  • Looking for and correcting worn contacts and loose wire connections
  • Evaluating the condensate drain
  • Filter checks and replacements
  • Thermostat checks and calibrations
  • Cleaning and inspecting the motor

Proactive AC repair can also be performed if a clogged or dirty filter. Plus, we can give you advice on how often to change your air filter and how to tell if it’s time to clean or change it. An easy way to do this is to see if any light passes through your filter. If it doesn’t, it’s time to change or clean it. If your unit’s motor or compressor isn’t operating as expected, breakers and fuses can be checked, as can wiring. Our seasonal HVAC checks include both inside and outside units.

Why Call On an HVAC Service or AC Repair Technician?

An El Niño winter can mean warmer than usual temperatures throughout Texas. When this particular weather phenomenon occurs, you may find yourself switching back and forth between heat and cool settings on your HVAC system. For this reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution and have a full HVAC check performed that includes both furnace repair and AC repair if issues are detected. We also pay attention to ductwork when performing seasonal checks and routine maintenance inspections since damaged or dirty ducts can be just as problematic.

Seasonal preventative maintenance is meant to improve your peace of mind and guard against unexpected issues. A seasonal check could also extend the life-cycle of your HVAC unit, furnace, or heat pump. Our technicians are trained to look for leaks, damaged wires, and signs of inefficient operations when performing this type of work. Seasonal HVAC checks and regular preventative maintenance steps may reduce HVAC-related energy costs by anywhere from 5 to 40 percent, depending on what type of system or set-up is being used. Another perk associated with our seasonal checkups is the ability to maintain your indoor air quality, which can be especially beneficial if you have people in your household with allergies or respiratory issues.

Another reason to contact us for seasonal HVAC service is to reduce your odds of needing AC repair right in the middle of a hot Texas summer when we’re getting a lot of requests for service. While we always make an effort to arrive promptly regardless of when we’re contacted, calling on us when we’re not as busy can be even more convenient for you. There is no industry standard for what HVAC seasonal maintenance should involve or include. However, we make a point of being as thorough and meticulous as possible with the services we provide for this purpose.

Be proactive about furnace and AC repair in San Antonio and give your peace of mind a much-appreciated boost at the same time. Give us a call today to take advantage of our HVAC seasonal service.

Icy Hill

Sometime back in the eighties, can’t recall the year or the date, on my way to work I got stuck on Lockhill Selma just before you get to Dreamland. There is a little rise on the approach to the traffic light and it was icy. It was no trouble getting up the little hill but I had to stop for the light. When the light changed the truck couldn’t get traction to go forward. The wheels would spine but not go forward. I decided to turn and see if I could go back down the hill and try another route.

As I passed going down the hill there were two other cars in the same position I just left. One did the same as I did turned and followed me. The other backed down the hill. When the car got to the bottom of the hill, he stopped and took off back up the hill and had no problem. The light was green so he kept on going. I was getting ready to do the same when the car that came down after me turned and made it up and trough the light. Another car went by me as I tried to turn around and go back up. That car had to stop for the light and of course got stuck.

That gave me the bright idea to park the truck and direct traffic. I started stopping cars on the flat part of the road and let them go when they could make the light. I got pretty good at it too. Timing the light by counting at first. I could send the traffic up just before the light changed to green then stopping them before it change and get them stuck again. Kind of fun trying to get the timing just right. Get the most cars through without any one getting stuck.

It kind of amazed me the way people took my stopping them, then going when I signaled. No questions they just took the direction and went on their way.

I was cold but I kept on doing it. Someone gave me a cup of coffee almost everybody waved. A policeman stopped by and I thought I was being relieved but he just called in that the situation was being handled and left. I guess they were very busy and was happy for the help. So I just kept on doing.

I was probably doing my traffic control. When a lady said she was too scared to drive up the hill, would I please do it for her. She was going to the HEB it wasn’t too far could I please help her. So I got in drove her to the store and walked back. Walking past the light the cars stopped and waiting for the light to change. As it did the cars had no trouble going. My job was done.

I walked back to my truck and turned up the hill and finished my drive to the shop.

What I had done that morning made me feel good all day long and when I think back on it I still feel good. What I did maybe helped a few people on their way. And the only one who knows I did it was me. The feeling you get when you do something like that is its own reward.

In business it’s the same thing. Doing a little extra just because it needs to be done is its own reward. Service industry calls for the guy doing the work to add a little extra every now and then. Redo a wire connection here tighten a screw there. Sees something that needs doing and do it. An Air Conditioning system has many parts that need to work together to preform properly. Taking the time to make sure everything is doing what it’s supposed to saves money for the customer and adds life to the system. Wanting to do the job well is a credit to the technician and the company he represents. Recommending modifications and improvements that add value and benefit to the customer is also a responsibility of the teck. Value and benefit to the customer will always guide Tasco in its recommendation to improve the comfort of our customers.

Service to the customer by Tasco, availability of parts and supplies by Ince Distributing and the quality and reliability of Trane. Value and benefit to the customer is what all three strive for.

What do farming and energy efficiency have in common?

A lot of my summers as a kid were spent on my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Johnny s farm. Uncle Johnny was born on a farm, lived his life on his farm, and died on his farm. I guess you could call him a farmer.

The labor force on my Uncles farm was himself and his sister Aunt Nancy. The work was never done. There was always more to do. Sun up to sundown every day the same, get up, work till it’s time to go to bed, then get up the next morning and start all over again.

Years later when I came back from the Army, my mother and I visited the farm and I had a long visit with my uncle. He talked about his latest crops, beef prices, a couple of crops he thought might be a good idea next year, and the price of mohair… but giving a goat a haircut is a whole other story.

Thinking about how hard it was to work like he did, I had to ask him why he did it.  He seemed surprised that I would ask such a question. His reply was, “It is what I do.”

I was amazed, I explained to him. “You work so hard and for such long days. Frankly, I don’t know how you keep going sun up to sundown doing such difficult work.”

He laid it out to me real nice and slow. “Well, you have to pace yourself. Work steady, exert yourself when you have to, but never get in a hurry. Keep steady pace chore in and chore out… and always take a nap after dinner.” See back in those times in Texas, dinner was lunch and supper was what we currently refer to as dinner.

He continued on for a bit. ”It’s a good life boy. You get to watch things grow up and become something. Something like you. I had a little bit to do with you, and you have turned out ok.“

Well, I guess I have, and I hope people might see some of Uncle Johnny in me. I think he was a great example for me and a fine example of what America used to be. Small farmers working the land getting by on what they produced with their own hands.

I chose Air Conditioning as my career. I started TASCO Air a long time ago and through the ups and down of business it’s been very rewarding. Like a farmer, any business needs good seed to work with. My seed is the Trane line of comfort equipment. The years have shown me it has been a good choice.

With Ince Distributing my product is always available, as well as the support I need to take care of my customers. The quality and reliability of Trane lets me give my customers the best service I can offer… which I feel they deserve.

The idea of the TruComfort system made me think of my Uncle Johnny. The idea of an Air Conditioning System only working as hard as it has too, reacting to the current conditions, and exerting only the energy that the current need calls for is just like the way he explained how he maintained such a rigorous and demanding work schedule. Running longer but slower to deal better with the humidity, allowing us to set the t-stat three or four degrees higher, because it feels the same with the lower humidity, saving money by working smarter. Doing what it should at a pace that matches the need.

It’s a good idea Trane but Uncle Johnny had it first.

Take joy in the little things with Trane TruComfort Systems

How many times in life do we actually stop and take joy in the little things? For most of us not as often as we would like, and I admit to passing by the little things on occasion myself. However, I do remember one time on my niece’s second birthday noticing this joy in its true and glorious form. As this little child started opening her gifts, I remember never having hearing so many “ooos” and “aaahs” in all my life.  Her reaction was pure, and the joy she felt came from the pretty gift wrapped packages and the beautiful ribbons tied up into decorative bows. Then when she finally saw the contents her reaction of pure joy became infectious, and every person in attendance began to share in the happiness.

For me I can remember this feeling, although I was not a child and it came in different gift wrapped package. Mine was the first night after we had our Trane TruComfort system installed, that I reached this level of excitement and joy. For years my thermostat on the old system had been programmed at 10:00 pm to reach 74 degrees and at 3:00 am to change to 73 degrees. All this was to make it more comfortable upstairs when I went to bed, and then change later to get rid of the sticky feeling that comes with humidity gain inside the house when there is no heat load, or outdoor temperature difference to make the cooling unit cycle. Which was costing me money in energy bills. Once the technicians who installed y system started it up they left it set at 77 degrees. I didn’t think about checking the T-stat setting and went to sleep that night. I woke the next day around 2:00 am, and realized that I was cold and went to see what the control setting was, and to my amazement it was at 77 degrees! I was groggy and couldn’t believe me eyes, how could this be? I was cold upstairs with the new system at 77 degrees and that was never the case with the old system at a much lower setting. So I started to try and make sense of it all.

When I decided to change my system I wanted the duct work replaced as well. The system we removed was well over 18 years old, and I have had vast renovations made in this period of time, so I ran an ACCA Manuel-J heat load calculation to ensure we were installing the right size system and duct work. This was a very important step because we found that the old system was an entire ton too large for the actual load on the house, meaning I could purchase a smaller unit and provide better comfort at a lower operating cost. The air circulation balance was greatly improved with these two updates. The temperature upstairs was nearly 4 degrees different than downstairs before, now it was no more than 1 degree. This began to make me feel like my young child surrounded by beautiful gifts. I knew the upgrade would be great but I didn’t plan on that large and noticeable difference right away.

When we updated my father-in-laws system a few years earlier with the top of the line Trane XL19i, I noticed at that time he could set his t-stat a couple of degrees warmer than mine, but 4 degrees this was unbelievable.

The Variable speed indoor and outdoor units are much more rewarding than I had hoped for. All of my customers rave about the improvement in comfort and lower energy bills after they have replaced their systems; it just took a while for me to get around to having my system updated. The temperatures throughout the house are so even and balanced, and this new system is so quiet I have to open the closet door to make sure it’s still there. The increase in comfort level and efficiency comes from the humidity removal the unit provides. Making it feel very comfortable at a warmer t-stat setting, meaning that I you can maintain a higher level of comfort at a higher temperature set point. WOW!!!!! Isn’t technology something?

Recently I updated the system control for a WIFI T-stat that I can control with my phone, tablet, or laptop, which is cool all on its own. I now have a remote control for my cooling system and it is right here in my hand all day, and I can see the temp settings without going downstairs, or adjust the settings when I’m not home. All of this is to minimize the system run time and lower my energy consumption saving me money every month. After all four degrees when associated in Tstat settings is a big chunk off of my electric bill.

Taking joy in the little things may not always be easy. My niece was definitely better than me at showing the joy she felt, but Tranes TruComfort system has me feeling that way. I want to sing from the roof tops about the benefits of having the highest level of comfort, and the energy saving that come with it. I will continue to tell anyone willing to listen because my wife would really like for me to shut up about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! TRANE TRUCOMFORT you really got it right this time!


Is Poor Air Flow Design Attacking Your CPS Energy Bill & Savings?

air ventillation

Air Conditioning & 300

In the movie ‘Three Hundred’, the Spartans held back the Persian Army, the most powerful army in the world at the time, from entering their country because of a pass too small for a lot of men to enter. This restriction created the opportunity for a small force to compete with an army that was much larger. The same basic concept is true in the home air conditioning system. Installing a new high efficiency system in your home is like the Persian Army trying to invade, with the efforts being thwarted by too small of a pass to fit through. The army, now being air flow, cannot get to the battlefield; the rooms in your house, no matter how great the system can’t win the fight against heat and humidity.

Home Comfort System: Each Component Matters

The home comfort system is only as good as the corridors that carry the air. The system must be designed so that it gets the air to where it needs to be, with the proper force and velocity to overtake the enemy. Under-sized returns, improperly sized supply trunks can hold back the cool dry air from doing its job removing heat and humidity. The design phase is extremely important. If your system is not designed properly, meaning system sizing as well as duct work, you are going to be left with hot and cold spots, uncomfortable rooms, utility and repair bills that are higher than they needed to be. This means that you could be replacing the system before its time to do so.

Existing Home Update Example: Correcting Poor Design

ac repair air returnOriginal return air design for this 1967 San Antonio home were too small for the system. The home owner was frustrated with the AC company who installed the system due to the lack of performance and mold starting to form on the outside area of the evaporator coils. After testing and calculating we determined air velocity was insufficient for the unit which was allowing mold to grow and not cooling the home efficiently.

after ac repair

The new air returns we installed were larger and contain a slow for the air filter. We added an additional air return as seen in the featured image. The larger returns allow the correct amount of return air to enter the system. With the filters in the grills the air is sucked in from the rooms into the cavity under the closet and up through the system with enough velocity to treat the mold issue.

We Don’t Guess, We TEST!

TASCO runs a heat load on our replacement systems to ensure it is properly sized. We also perform a flow hood test, to see how efficiently your duct work is supplying air to each area of the home. These measurements and calculations are paramount in the efficiency and comfort the new system will provide. If we don’t calculate how the supply and return ducts affect the efficiency and just replace an old aging system for a new hi efficiency system, you are only going to enjoy a fraction of the comfort and cost effectiveness that the system is designed to provide.

So when you are thinking about replacing your system, or you begin noticing that you have uncomfortable rooms in your home, make sure any HVAC contractor that comes to give an estimate looks at all the variables that are involved with efficiency and comfort, now you know what those factors are. And everyone remember; ‘If it has to be right it has to be TASCO’.

AC Repair Prior to 4th of July Parties

With the Fourth of July coming up, most homeowners are gearing up to have company over and entertain. They will go out to the stores in droves and buy things like ground beef to put on the grill, sodas to put in the fridge, and chairs to put on the patio, but, often, homeowners neglect one of the most important parts of entertaining: the comfort of the guests. Of course, you can’t just run to your grocery store and pick up just anything to make your guests comfortable, but we’re willing to bet that you have all the necessary equipment to make sure your home makes your guests feel comfortable.

That equipment would be your air conditioning unit and, while many homeowners don’t even think about it, it’s one of the most crucial considerations when keeping company. This is why, as the dog days of summer are upon us and our thoughts are turning to the fourth of July, homeowners should be thinking about their air conditioners and any possible ac repair they may need. Nothing ruins a party faster than an overheated home, and nothing can cause a home to overheat faster than an ac unit needing ac repair. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but your guests will notice an ac unit needing ac repair right away. They will notice the sluggish operation that ac repair can fix, and they will notice the inefficient air flow that ac repair can address. This is why you don’t want to wait until your doorbell rings to think about an important thing like ac repair. There are many things that can cut a party short, and overheated guests are at the top of the list.

So ensure that your home is comfortable and ready to receive company by scheduling any ac repair you might need. Unsure if your unit needs ac repair? Schedule a service call today so a licensed professional can evaluate your unit and advise you on your next steps. Ac repair can forestall many traditional ac repair problems and keep you from having to splurge on last minute ac repair costs. So if you are preparing to entertain guests but are worried about your ac unit needing ac repair, schedule an appointment with a ac repair technician today and ensure that your next party is a hit. Keep your air conditioner up to date with ac repair and concentrate on the fireworks.

TRANE AC System Repair San Antonio

TRANE System AC Repair San Antonio

There are many kinds and types of air conditioning systems to choose from when your old unit needs AC repair or bites the dust. Many of these units are satisfactory, but, then again, you probably don’t want to entrust the comfort of your home to just a satisfactory unit. Most homeowners understand that there are precious few items worth their price tags, and almost all of them—especially the ones who have undergone AC repair before—will tell you that a new AC unit is one of those items. Yes, an AC unit is one of those items where satisfactory just won’t cut it. When dealing with a new unit after emergency AC repair or buying a new unit for your home, you want an elite unit that is up to the dynamic challenges of your family and will stand the test of time. Going with just a satisfactory unit or, worse yet, the cut-rate units that discount based contractors will push on you. This is why more and more homeowners, when faced with a faulty unit after AC repair or buying the first unit for their home, are turning to the elite AC unit: the TRANE system.

TRANE ACAC Repair Savings With a TRANE System

With AC repair one of the most important parts of any homeowner’s experience, purchasing and installing a quality AC system like the TRANE system is essential to staving off costly AC repair. TRANE has been building elite equipment since before the start of the 20th longevity you can expect from their products. When AC repair does come calling, because even TRANE units can run into problems, you can be assured that your AC repair specialist will be providing you with licensed TRANE parts that will keep your unit running at its best for years to come. Though don’t expect that too often; TRANE systems are some of the best on the market, and their superior performance means that your AC repairs will be less frequent that with regular units. AC repair can cut into the life of units, as it often signifies a lack of maintenance. But TRANE systems come with long lasting warranties that ensure your AC repair needs will be few. TRANE has been manufacturing systems for over a century, and their knowledge is built into a product that almost never needs AC repair. When purchasing a TRANE, you’ll know the difference immediately. century, and that is the kind of

Home HVAC Tips: Clean Air Condenser Coils Help Avoid Costly Repairs


As the blistering San Antonio summer begins to rear its ugly head again, phones are ringing off the hook for AC repair and our spring service calls. Those units that were humming along last year during the blazing heat have been neglected for the duration of an especially cold winter. As a result, our AC repair technicians are as busy as ever servicing the many Air conditioner repair problems all over the city. But, with so many homeowners needing repairs, some are forgetting to ask the right question: what are some ways to care and maintain my air conditioning unit so it doesn’t need any major AC repairs?

Should your outside AC condenser coils be clean?

We recently wrote about the role that cleaning and maintaining your units’ filters in staving off costly AC repairs, and this month we’re helping even more homeowners out by writing about the importance of your air conditioner’s coils. There are different types of coils in most AC units; these are the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. Condenser coils are located outside of your home in your condenser unit and are chiefly responsible for expelling the heat from your home and flushing heated refrigerant from your home. Over time, these coils can be covered with dirt, which makes it harder to transfer the heat from inside your home to the outside. This can inevitably lead to a more inefficient unit and, of course, emergency AC repairs. Just as condenser coils release captured heat outside, evaporator coils are responsible for capturing the heat and thus require immediate repairs when they become dirty or non-functioning.

Ask your AC technician if your condenser coils need to be cleaned?

To ensure these parts don’t get too dirty and demand AC repair, homeowners must contact their professional, licensed HVAC company. The technician will come to your home, inspect your unit, and perform the maintenance needed should any be required. It is essential that you trust this task to only licensed professionals whose work you trust. So-called “discount” AC repair technicians will often cut corners and leave homeowners in a bind when it comes time to use their units heavily. Don’t be fooled by a cheap price; that price is often concealing shoddy work or below standard parts. Sure, you may save a few dollars by handing work to the discount AC repair workers, but your costs will far outweigh any small amount you saved once your air conditioner is malfunctioning and you need repairs.

Common AC Repair Problems: Regular AC System Service

TASCO Air Conditioning Store Front

In this article we will quickly discuss why a common AC repair problem such as no system service in San Antonio, TX is such a big issue. Bottom line; just like your car or home regular service helps fix problems before they become big and catches developing problems early.

One of the pieces of advice we give out most often when we perform service calls is how to care for and maintain an air conditioner so as to avoid AC repair. The truth is, a small amount of maintenance can go very far in forestalling AC repair. Not many homeowners know this or, if they do, either neglect to care for their air conditioner or forget. As we will explain, caring for your air conditioner is a great investment, as it often involves little work and can reward you with a more efficient unit and, more importantly, a more comfortable home. AC repair can not only be expensive, but needing AC repair is also indicative of an inefficient or inoperable unit. The great thing about AC repair is that it often can be just as simple as replacing air filters or continually checking your unit for dirt or grime. These are small measures that can help eliminate the need for emergency AC repair.

Undoubtedly, the most important maintenance task that can help you stave off emergency AC repair and ensure the efficiency of your unit is routinely cleaning or replacing air filters. Clogged or dirty air filters can block efficient airflow and reduce a system’s operability significantly. With dirty or clogged air filters, air that bypasses the air filters can carry grime and dirt directly into other parts of the air conditioner and cause further problems. This is why, when it comes to eliminating the need for repeated AC repair, maintaining the air filters is one of the most important aspects.

This importance is no different for central air conditioners, which normally have their air filters located somewhere along the return duct’s length. Other common air filter locations are in walls or ceilings. What never changes is that cleaning or replacing air filters is integral in stopping the kind of AC repair that will not only give you worry, but also make your home uncomfortable. AC repair is, of course, necessary at times and such complicated machines can break even with continued maintenance. But, if you frequently need emergency AC repair or having AC repair related problems, you should ask yourself whether or not you’re doing the most you can for your air conditioner’s continued health. Most homeowners don’t think about their air conditioners until they need AC repair, but this wastes time, money, and makes your home uncomfortable. Findelio Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Directory