Furnace Repair San Antonio, TX

The transition from summer to fall in San Antonio doesn’t leave much room for a home owner to let the furnace go unchecked. One day you could be running your AC, and the next day you need your heater on full blast! The weather in San Antonio is usually hot until fall and winter. Most of us know this season by the characteristic 80 degrees weather one day, and 40 degrees the next.

Many San Antonio home owners experience this scenario on an annual basis. Thankfully TASCO Air customers are covered under our Platinum Service Agreement. We check your system in the spring and in the fall.

The checks we perform really can’t be called simple maintenance like other companies claim. Ask any of our customers or check our Angie’s List reviews to see why TASCO Air continues to outperform our competition as one of San Antonio’s oldest and most trusted AC and Heating repair companies!

Part of our superior rating is how we help home owners prepare for different seasons, such as the coming fall season! Our goal is fix the issues we find during the check. However we don’t stop there. Our customers are informed of issues that could arise in the future.

Our technicians will discuss the items you should watch and consider replacing before it’s too late with freezing temperatures. We want to leave your home with a well maintained, repaired, and optimized furnace. It’s especially important to us because we are a locally owned company. We want to ensure our neighbor’s furnace is running at peak performance for the fall and winter.

TASCO Air is one of San Antonio’s oldest air conditioning and heating repair companies with over 30 years of experience helping our neighbors. We are there for you in the summer when your AC needs a repair with scorching temperatures outside. We are here for you in the fall and winter when your family needs a reliable furnace to keep them warm at night.

TRANE AC Repair San Antonio

TRANE AC Repair San AnotinoHow do I diagnose the problems with a TRANE air conditioner? Before deciding on how to do diagnose your air conditioner repair issues, you need to know about your office or home AC system. There are a number of air conditioning system components you should know about that affect the Trane AC performance. When air conditioning systems develop a mechanical fault or break down, many individuals try repairing it themselves without understanding the main concepts involved. However, it may be possible for you to carry out regular basic service. Air conditioning, heating and ventilation should always be left for qualified professionals to carry out the repairs. HVAC repair is more complex and requires competent and qualified professionals.

Simple office and home air conditioners use air flow principles to achieve comfort. Two discrete parts, this include the evaporator and condenser. In the condenser unit, Freon gas is normally put under high pressure and forced through a heat exchanger, this it will remove a good amount of heat from the gas and converts it into liquid. It is passed through expansion valve to the evaporator, the liquid gas expands and starts evaporating into a gas, the latent heat of vaporization required for this process is drawn from the environment, and the air is then cooled and blown into the room. The gas gets heated up by the room temperature and goes back into the condenser and the process continues.

The condenser and evaporator are always sealed units and it is hard for you to carry out air conditioning repair by yourself, you will be forced to seek the help and service of a trained professional. What you are required to do is make sure everything is clean and no dirt is surrounding your system. You can try carrying out simple repairs but not ac repair. The following are air conditioner repair and service tips:

System failure to run: Check all the fuses. If they are ok, check the thermostat and ensure it is set correctly to the recommended temperatures. Try raising and lowering it five degrees higher or lower. If it fails to work you need to hire a professional ac repair.

No cooling- again, try checking the thermostat. Raise or lower it. If it does not respond, try checking on the intake of air in the condenser. It might have been blocked by the dirt. Ensure all the fins on the fan are straight, if not straight try working on it and make them straight. If it fails to work, then contact a professional air conditioner repair.

Erratic cooling- correcting this fault you are required to clean the condenser thoroughly and carefully removing all the dirt and other materials which might be contributing to failure of your air conditioner. If the problem still persists hire air conditioner repair engineer or technician to fix the problem.

The evaporator and condenser normally is a sealed unit that is why it is so difficult for homeowners carry out any ac repairs. A dirty or blocked evaporator is the simple problems you try fixing on your own. If you regularly service you air conditioner chances of you experiencing these problems are minimal.

It is advisable to hire skilled air conditioner repair services, but before you decide to hire one they should provide you with a good estimate of how much are they going to charge for their services. Also, ensure they have given you a good guarantee for the time and parts they going to install.

Flow Hood TestLet’s put ourselves in this home owner’s shoes.

My house was not comfortable and I didn’t understand why. My current AC repair technician couldn’t figure out what the problem with my air conditioner is after several very expensive service calls. I begin asking around about more reputable San Antonio air conditioning repair companies. My friend referred me to their ac repair company called TASCO.

One of their technicians came out the same day I called to see what the problems were with my air conditioning system. The technician came in and discussed a list of questions called Comfort Concerns with me. The comfort concerns list asked questions such as; “Are there any areas that get too warm or too cold?” “Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or airborne allergens?” “Are you concerned about future energy costs?”

I mentioned that there were several rooms in my house that are hotter than the others and the first technician couldn’t figure out the problem. The TASCO technician asked to perform a test called the Flow Hood Test to see how well the air conditioning unit was working in my house.

I watched as the technician placed a funnel type structure called the flow hood over the supply register. The flow hood measures how much air is coming in through the supply air vent to see how much air was coming out. He repeated this process on every supply register in my house.

After testing each area we sat down and discussed the results. The technician explained to me that the duct work was under sized and it must be correctly sized installed so that the system will run efficiently and provide greater comfort.

The following day, two TASCO technicians arrived on time at my house ready to install new duct work that qualified for rebates. Within a day’s time, my system had new duct work and my house finally was comfortable and livable.

I now know why my friend referred me to TASCO. After this quick and efficient experience with TASCO I will continue to trust and call TASCO for my air conditioning repair needs.

AC Repair Tips For San Antonio

As an AC repair and installation company we experience a variety of situations in San Antonio where our customers attempt to fix an air conditioner problem, and eventually need help.

Some search forums for information on how to repair an air conditioner, and most now use YouTube. So when you do notice a problem with your AC it’s best to start with the basics and go slow no matter where you find your information.

Why the basics? Because AC repairmen, whether you call TASCO or someone else, will start there too! How basic do we get? Well, did you check the batteries in your thermostat? Is the thermostat panel connected? Is a breaker tripped? Do you see any panel alerts?

Tackling the basics of AC repair will save you time, money, and stress. Your time can be consumed by researching different San Antonio AC repair companies unless you are a current TASCO Air Conditioning customer on a service plan. Your money is at risk because you really should question how a company can afford to send a technician out for a few dollars a call or even for free… hmmm sounds like they just want to get in the door to sell something else!

Yes we do encourage our San Antonio heating and air conditioning customers to troubleshoot common problems according to the user manuals. It saves you a service call charge for something simple. It also helps to familiarize yourself with the comfort system in your home. The best benefit is that when your AC has a serious issue, you know it’s probably not a minor repair. You’ll feel better about the service call charge because it worth the repair.

Feel free to call our San Antonio office and ask an AC repair technician about the problems your system has. Current heating and air conditioning customers in San Antonio have priority. Please don’t try to repair anything you are not licensed to repair.

CPS Energy Rebates 2013

CPS Energy Rebates 2013As a family owned and operated small business in San Antonio we understand that every hard earned dollar counts! We try to stretch your hard earned dollars with our superior spring and fall service checks that keep your air conditioner and furnace efficient.

Sometimes we can only stretch the dollar so far and then it’s time for a new and more energy efficient air conditioner and furnace. When TASCO installs a new system we ensure you are provided the very best comfort solutions to choose from to take advantage of the San Antonio CPS Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pump rebates.

As a TRANE dealer we are confident you will enjoy new found comfort with our solution for your family. Our goal during a new install is designing a custom solution which addresses the major air leakage areas, inefficient duct work, and long term maintenance costs.

We are ready to help assess and educate you on your current comfort system and the options for a 2013 CPS rebate. Call today and our experienced professionals will sit down with you to discuss your needs 210-684-6200.

Staying Warm Smartly in San Antonio

Furnace Repair San Antonio Gas FurnaceSan Antonio is a great place to call home! Yet when you are in your home during the winter months sometimes it can be challenging to stay comfortable. Staying comfortable during the winter in San Antonio presents a unique challenge when you need to watch the heating bill.

Calling TASCO is your first step towards efficient and comfortable heating. One of our experts in heating and air conditioning repair will inspect your system and discuss your comfort concerns! We’ll use the industry’s best technology to diagnose your heater, compressor, ducting, fan, condenser, and other components.

With our tools and your comments we’ll get to work on your system or quote on a new energy efficient and financed heating and air condition system. A system that includes the latest technology and comprehensive component installs that include: cost saving duct work, programmable thermostats, room matched registers, and more.

TASCO serves San Antonio and the surrounding area for your heating and air conditioning needs. Call today and let us know what service or system you are looking for. 210-684-6200