TASCO Air Turns 35 Years Old!

​This coming April marks the 35th anniversary for TASCO Air Conditioning , one of the largest and oldest air conditioning service and installation companies in San Antonio. TASCO (Terry & Susan’s Company) grew from a small, home and garage-based company to a large operation with highly trained, certified and experienced technicians, staff and a fleet of service vehicles.

Company President and founder, Terry Wolf remarked: “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our employees, and the trust given to us by the neighbors we serve. Our culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization is one of many reasons for our success. We have dedicated ourselves to 35 years of dependable and expert service, and provide our customers with the highest quality HVAC systems ensuring the highest home comfort and energy savings. Throughout 2017, we will be taking a look at where we started, what we have achieved, and what our plans are for the future.”

We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our employees, and the trust given to us by the neighbors we serve. Our culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization is one of many attributable to our success.

Terry Wolf, President & Founder

It’s a tall order to bring a company past the two year mark, even more so to survive ten years in business.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 50% of all new businesses survive 5 years or more, and nearly one-third survive 10-years or more. Terry’s success is one to be celebrated when considering the challenges facing any company with over three decades in operation, especially when we consider what Terry led his company through over the years.

With Terry at the helm, TASCO charged through the early 1980’s recession, dotcom bubble, rising labor costs, increased federal and municipal regulation, the Great Recession, and competes in a city with hundreds of licensed HVAC competitors. Today he is a successful entrepreneur, small business owner, employer, active in his community and a proud family man.

Company Vice President, Laine Houston commented on the daily grind: “I’ve been a tradesman all my working life and seen many HVAC companies fail. I’ve seen a few succeed. I’m thankful to be part of team that is succeeding. We’ve always treated our customers like next-door neighbors, our employees like family and made sure every job is completed to very high standards. A lot of things have to go right to succeed, and that means working hard every day as a team to take care of our customers.”

St Matthew’s Knights of Columbus 2016 Golf Tournament

Council 8065 St. Matthew’s Knights of Columbus
19th Annual Golf Tournament


WHEN: Sat, APRIL 9TH 2016

LOCATION: Scott Schreiner golf course, Kerrville TX. 78028


SINGLE PLAYER: $79.95 Foursome: $300

CONTACT: TERRY WOLF @ 210.696.0541 or email service@tascoair.com to register with payment

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Business Sponsorship


Reserve your very own T-Box sign on the green for $300.00! Three lines is a great way to show your company’s support.

Don’t wait sign up now before it’s too late!

For More Info Contact Terry Wolf @ 210.696.0541

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November 2015 Employee of the Month

TASCO Air Conditioning & Heating Employee of the Month

November 2015

tasco air conditioning employee of the month november 2015 web optimizedCongratulations to Virginia Toudouze for her outstanding performance. Virginia was instrumental in organizing the accounts payable and receivables, updating our accounting software, and helping TASCO transition into streamlined billing for our customers.

Virginia’s hard work and dedication fix several office management gaps, and ensured TASCO had the software and processes in place to continue servicing our customers more efficiently.

Virginia is a very important member of the TASCO team. We are lucky to have her!

-Terry Wolf, Owner


Icy Hill

Sometime back in the eighties, can’t recall the year or the date, on my way to work I got stuck on Lockhill Selma just before you get to Dreamland. There is a little rise on the approach to the traffic light and it was icy. It was no trouble getting up the little hill but I had to stop for the light. When the light changed the truck couldn’t get traction to go forward. The wheels would spine but not go forward. I decided to turn and see if I could go back down the hill and try another route.

As I passed going down the hill there were two other cars in the same position I just left. One did the same as I did turned and followed me. The other backed down the hill. When the car got to the bottom of the hill, he stopped and took off back up the hill and had no problem. The light was green so he kept on going. I was getting ready to do the same when the car that came down after me turned and made it up and trough the light. Another car went by me as I tried to turn around and go back up. That car had to stop for the light and of course got stuck.

That gave me the bright idea to park the truck and direct traffic. I started stopping cars on the flat part of the road and let them go when they could make the light. I got pretty good at it too. Timing the light by counting at first. I could send the traffic up just before the light changed to green then stopping them before it change and get them stuck again. Kind of fun trying to get the timing just right. Get the most cars through without any one getting stuck.

It kind of amazed me the way people took my stopping them, then going when I signaled. No questions they just took the direction and went on their way.

I was cold but I kept on doing it. Someone gave me a cup of coffee almost everybody waved. A policeman stopped by and I thought I was being relieved but he just called in that the situation was being handled and left. I guess they were very busy and was happy for the help. So I just kept on doing.

I was probably doing my traffic control. When a lady said she was too scared to drive up the hill, would I please do it for her. She was going to the HEB it wasn’t too far could I please help her. So I got in drove her to the store and walked back. Walking past the light the cars stopped and waiting for the light to change. As it did the cars had no trouble going. My job was done.

I walked back to my truck and turned up the hill and finished my drive to the shop.

What I had done that morning made me feel good all day long and when I think back on it I still feel good. What I did maybe helped a few people on their way. And the only one who knows I did it was me. The feeling you get when you do something like that is its own reward.

In business it’s the same thing. Doing a little extra just because it needs to be done is its own reward. Service industry calls for the guy doing the work to add a little extra every now and then. Redo a wire connection here tighten a screw there. Sees something that needs doing and do it. An Air Conditioning system has many parts that need to work together to preform properly. Taking the time to make sure everything is doing what it’s supposed to saves money for the customer and adds life to the system. Wanting to do the job well is a credit to the technician and the company he represents. Recommending modifications and improvements that add value and benefit to the customer is also a responsibility of the teck. Value and benefit to the customer will always guide Tasco in its recommendation to improve the comfort of our customers.

Service to the customer by Tasco, availability of parts and supplies by Ince Distributing and the quality and reliability of Trane. Value and benefit to the customer is what all three strive for.


“Mama” How can four little letters mean so much? A simple word that brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Mother’s Day just passed last weekend my Mama has been with me all week. Looking back over the short time I was able to spend with her, I was forty when she died, it would still have been nice to have kept her longer. I never told her how much I loved her often enough, or how much I appreciated what she had to do provide for me growing up.

My Daddy got lost in life somehow and turned to the bottle to find his way. So Mama was left to get by on her own.

We did not have much but there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads. I don’t know how she did it but we managed. I didn’t even know we were poor because everyone around us lived the same including all of Mom’s side of the family. Now Mom was not one to sit and boohoo over her predicament, she just got up put on her big girl dress and started doing what had to be done.

That’s what brought me to San Antonio. Killeen where I was born was a small town with limited opportunity, so she packed up and moved us to the big city. I think someone told her that she could get a job as a seamstress at a place called Finesilver. That did not pan out but it did not take long for Mom to find a job. Handy Andy was the answer. Working in the butcher department and she was there till she retired twenty years later

She was always concerned about her customers, she seemed to know they had a question before they did, not pushy but informative, but anyone who paused long enough for her to get a word always seemed to enjoy what she had to say. In a checkout counter, if there was a line, she would know everybody in that line, most of their children’s names, where they lived and what they wanted for Christmas. Not only would she talk to people but they talked to her. She had that way about her. She could have sold ice to the Eskimos but she was not that way. She was there to be helpful and friendly not to influence. “Hello honey, how are you today. Yes that cut looks pretty, nice but this one is a better deal, besides this will be on sale later this week and you can save by buying it then.” So maybe the store lost a few cents because of her but she sure bought them a lot of loyal customers. “Well Irene what do you think of this one” the customer would say. They always knew they could trust the answer when they asked Irene.

It was a beans and cornbread, sometime cornbread and sweet milk, fried cabbage was always good, or boiled collie flower, for supper with bacon and biscuits for breakfast kind of childhood. But with the mother I had you know I think it was great. Thanks Mama.

None of my Mothers siblings went past the 8th grade in school but they had PHDs in life. How to earn your way and be there to help the other guy when someone was in need. All my cousins were brought into this world by their Aunts, they never saw a Doctor till a few days after they were born. When you needed help all you had to do was ask. Relatives and friends would show up to get you through it, all for a good meal and a hug. It just what you did. It showed a lot of love for your fellow man. No payment required I’ll need some day and you can be there for me.

In business, one of the most important things you can do is be responsible and available. When a customer calls be ready to help and have a solution for their problem. Yes mam we can take care if that, we are on our way. Yes this too will pass and with Tasco it’s taken care of immediately if not sooner.

TASCO as the HVAC service company, Ince the distributor and the industry standard product Trane, is like Mamas family were here to help. All we need is your call and someone to make the cornbread.



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My Aunt Nancy & Trust

My Aunt Nancy was a real farmer and she loved it. Taking care of the animals. Planting the garden. Working in the fields, giving the crops the best chance to produce in the dry Texas climate. Feeding, milking, keeping the light going that provided warmth for a new brood of chicks so they could produce eggs and drum sticks in the summer. Getting up in the middle of the night when she heard a ruckus to see if there was a fox or maybe a snake after her chickens. Whatever came along she was there to help. Hand feeding the young ones when the mother rejected them or nursing them back to health if they were injured or sick. It was all part of her day.

Putting the food in the top to receive what came out the bottom. That’s the production process for milk and eggs. Plant and water and watch the seeds spring to life to generate there contribution to the farmers table.

Everything we would eat at her house, she would have a hand in the life it took to make it. My Aunt Nance was always knee deep in life. Connected with everything as she brought about a partnership. It’s like you take care of me and Ill take care of you. That extended not only to the things she nurtured, but to the neighbors as well. You need help just call and she would come running.  Connected to life in so many ways. When I asked her later in life how she kept up with all she had to do? Her answer was simply that was her life , she did not know anything else

Connected? Today we have do business with so many people that we don’t know. Advertising, a referral, Angies List and people on Google. When we need help, sometimes we just have to hope we are making a good choice. Its all ways nice to have someone you have used before and have a rapport with. Earning trust and keeping it is the key to any business. That is why I sell Trane, use Ince as my distributor and work every day to make TASCO your Air Conditioning provider. Trust must be earned and you have to work hard to keep it As Aunt Nancy would say if I can help just call and Ill come running. We will be there for you.

A Good Life – Terry Wolf

It does not seem like I started this business that long ago, but I guess it’s been a while. The reason I say that is I just got a life time membership in an organization I belong to. I think it takes twenty years of service and after reaching the age of sixty five to get to that point. Many stories come to mind as I think back over the years, but what I’m thinking about today is my years of business.

The great thing about being in a home service like air conditioning is you get invited into people’s homes to do your job. You have time to visit and become friends as well as customers. People will have coffee ready maybe a piece of cake or cookies. Sometimes a bag of tomatoes or jalapenos could be a bunch of cookies for the road. People are just really nice and naturally good when given the opportunity. They show their appreciation of the service you provide and the time you take for some conversation. It is something I really miss. When I first started out, Mel, my co-worker and I were making the calls as I was starting the business. Building a customer base one cup of coffee at a time. Knowing each customer’s name and a lot of their family history. More of a social call than doing business. Some great things happened to us that showed me just how great people are when given the chance. Let me tell you about one such stories.

It was about 6:00 PM one work day when the phone rang. It was a customer that we had been servicing for sometime. He said he would appreciate it very much if I could come over. His air conditioner was not working properly but he would understand if I couldn’t. I said not to worry and that I was on my way.

When I got to his house it didn’t take long to find the problem and get the cooling going again. I walked into the house to find him and just inside the front door was a sign that said, “PLEASE JUST COME ON IN AND HELP CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF MY WIFE.” As I walked pass the sign, he came towards me, put out his hand, and thanked me for coming. I had a hard time talking. His wife was a great woman and I enjoyed visiting with her when we did their work. He said she enjoyed us too. I asked what had happened, and he told me about her illness and that the passing had been coming for quite a while and she was now in a better place.

I thought how he had been almost apologetic for calling me so late in the day and expressed it to him. Such an evening with what he was going through of course I would be there for him. He looked at me with such sad eyes and said he knew I would be there if I could but he didn’t want to feel bad if I couldn’t. I shook his hand and left saying I was sorry about his loss or something to that effect. I did not want him to see the tears forming in my eyes at how touched I was by this moment. His words, “I did not want you to feel bad if you couldn’t come.” What compassion he showed me when he himself was hurting so bad.

When you have people like that come into your life, it is so giving. “The coffee’s ready, have some cake, here’s some veggies I picked fresh this morning so you could take them home to your wife.” You really get motivated to do the best you can for them.

You want to learn how to do a better job for them. Ed Fleming’s words, “Learn how to do the job the right way, then do it the right way.” have become my philosophy. Going to technical schools and seminars, trade fairs and manufacturer’s presentations keeps us on the far front of our industry. Knowing why the variable speed application in Trane’s new Tru Comfort series lets me know the value in presenting this product to my clients. Knowing the support I will receive from Ince my distributor, the constant training of our techs and installers gives me confidence in TASCO’s ability to do our best to serve our customers today and going forward. They deserve our best, to constantly improve the knowledge and application of our product that is what we will provide.

Trane , Ince, and TASCO provide the level of comfort and value you deserve.

Habitat for Humanity March 2015

tasco air conditioning habitat for humanity

Great time working with a lot of kind and generous volunteers in San Antonio on a crisp March morning. The see the album below you need to be logged into Facebook.


What do farming and energy efficiency have in common?

A lot of my summers as a kid were spent on my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Johnny s farm. Uncle Johnny was born on a farm, lived his life on his farm, and died on his farm. I guess you could call him a farmer.

The labor force on my Uncles farm was himself and his sister Aunt Nancy. The work was never done. There was always more to do. Sun up to sundown every day the same, get up, work till it’s time to go to bed, then get up the next morning and start all over again.

Years later when I came back from the Army, my mother and I visited the farm and I had a long visit with my uncle. He talked about his latest crops, beef prices, a couple of crops he thought might be a good idea next year, and the price of mohair… but giving a goat a haircut is a whole other story.

Thinking about how hard it was to work like he did, I had to ask him why he did it.  He seemed surprised that I would ask such a question. His reply was, “It is what I do.”

I was amazed, I explained to him. “You work so hard and for such long days. Frankly, I don’t know how you keep going sun up to sundown doing such difficult work.”

He laid it out to me real nice and slow. “Well, you have to pace yourself. Work steady, exert yourself when you have to, but never get in a hurry. Keep steady pace chore in and chore out… and always take a nap after dinner.” See back in those times in Texas, dinner was lunch and supper was what we currently refer to as dinner.

He continued on for a bit. ”It’s a good life boy. You get to watch things grow up and become something. Something like you. I had a little bit to do with you, and you have turned out ok.“

Well, I guess I have, and I hope people might see some of Uncle Johnny in me. I think he was a great example for me and a fine example of what America used to be. Small farmers working the land getting by on what they produced with their own hands.

I chose Air Conditioning as my career. I started TASCO Air a long time ago and through the ups and down of business it’s been very rewarding. Like a farmer, any business needs good seed to work with. My seed is the Trane line of comfort equipment. The years have shown me it has been a good choice.

With Ince Distributing my product is always available, as well as the support I need to take care of my customers. The quality and reliability of Trane lets me give my customers the best service I can offer… which I feel they deserve.

The idea of the TruComfort system made me think of my Uncle Johnny. The idea of an Air Conditioning System only working as hard as it has too, reacting to the current conditions, and exerting only the energy that the current need calls for is just like the way he explained how he maintained such a rigorous and demanding work schedule. Running longer but slower to deal better with the humidity, allowing us to set the t-stat three or four degrees higher, because it feels the same with the lower humidity, saving money by working smarter. Doing what it should at a pace that matches the need.

It’s a good idea Trane but Uncle Johnny had it first.

Take joy in the little things with Trane TruComfort Systems

How many times in life do we actually stop and take joy in the little things? For most of us not as often as we would like, and I admit to passing by the little things on occasion myself. However, I do remember one time on my niece’s second birthday noticing this joy in its true and glorious form. As this little child started opening her gifts, I remember never having hearing so many “ooos” and “aaahs” in all my life.  Her reaction was pure, and the joy she felt came from the pretty gift wrapped packages and the beautiful ribbons tied up into decorative bows. Then when she finally saw the contents her reaction of pure joy became infectious, and every person in attendance began to share in the happiness.

For me I can remember this feeling, although I was not a child and it came in different gift wrapped package. Mine was the first night after we had our Trane TruComfort system installed, that I reached this level of excitement and joy. For years my thermostat on the old system had been programmed at 10:00 pm to reach 74 degrees and at 3:00 am to change to 73 degrees. All this was to make it more comfortable upstairs when I went to bed, and then change later to get rid of the sticky feeling that comes with humidity gain inside the house when there is no heat load, or outdoor temperature difference to make the cooling unit cycle. Which was costing me money in energy bills. Once the technicians who installed y system started it up they left it set at 77 degrees. I didn’t think about checking the T-stat setting and went to sleep that night. I woke the next day around 2:00 am, and realized that I was cold and went to see what the control setting was, and to my amazement it was at 77 degrees! I was groggy and couldn’t believe me eyes, how could this be? I was cold upstairs with the new system at 77 degrees and that was never the case with the old system at a much lower setting. So I started to try and make sense of it all.

When I decided to change my system I wanted the duct work replaced as well. The system we removed was well over 18 years old, and I have had vast renovations made in this period of time, so I ran an ACCA Manuel-J heat load calculation to ensure we were installing the right size system and duct work. This was a very important step because we found that the old system was an entire ton too large for the actual load on the house, meaning I could purchase a smaller unit and provide better comfort at a lower operating cost. The air circulation balance was greatly improved with these two updates. The temperature upstairs was nearly 4 degrees different than downstairs before, now it was no more than 1 degree. This began to make me feel like my young child surrounded by beautiful gifts. I knew the upgrade would be great but I didn’t plan on that large and noticeable difference right away.

When we updated my father-in-laws system a few years earlier with the top of the line Trane XL19i, I noticed at that time he could set his t-stat a couple of degrees warmer than mine, but 4 degrees this was unbelievable.

The Variable speed indoor and outdoor units are much more rewarding than I had hoped for. All of my customers rave about the improvement in comfort and lower energy bills after they have replaced their systems; it just took a while for me to get around to having my system updated. The temperatures throughout the house are so even and balanced, and this new system is so quiet I have to open the closet door to make sure it’s still there. The increase in comfort level and efficiency comes from the humidity removal the unit provides. Making it feel very comfortable at a warmer t-stat setting, meaning that I you can maintain a higher level of comfort at a higher temperature set point. WOW!!!!! Isn’t technology something?

Recently I updated the system control for a WIFI T-stat that I can control with my phone, tablet, or laptop, which is cool all on its own. I now have a remote control for my cooling system and it is right here in my hand all day, and I can see the temp settings without going downstairs, or adjust the settings when I’m not home. All of this is to minimize the system run time and lower my energy consumption saving me money every month. After all four degrees when associated in Tstat settings is a big chunk off of my electric bill.

Taking joy in the little things may not always be easy. My niece was definitely better than me at showing the joy she felt, but Tranes TruComfort system has me feeling that way. I want to sing from the roof tops about the benefits of having the highest level of comfort, and the energy saving that come with it. I will continue to tell anyone willing to listen because my wife would really like for me to shut up about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! TRANE TRUCOMFORT you really got it right this time!