AC Repair Tips For San Antonio

As an AC repair and installation company we experience a variety of situations in San Antonio where our customers attempt to fix an air conditioner problem, and eventually need help.

Some search forums for information on how to repair an air conditioner, and most now use YouTube. So when you do notice a problem with your AC it’s best to start with the basics and go slow no matter where you find your information.

Why the basics? Because AC repairmen, whether you call TASCO or someone else, will start there too! How basic do we get? Well, did you check the batteries in your thermostat? Is the thermostat panel connected? Is a breaker tripped? Do you see any panel alerts?

Tackling the basics of AC repair will save you time, money, and stress. Your time can be consumed by researching different San Antonio AC repair companies unless you are a current TASCO Air Conditioning customer on a service plan. Your money is at risk because you really should question how a company can afford to send a technician out for a few dollars a call or even for free… hmmm sounds like they just want to get in the door to sell something else!

Yes we do encourage our San Antonio heating and air conditioning customers to troubleshoot common problems according to the user manuals. It saves you a service call charge for something simple. It also helps to familiarize yourself with the comfort system in your home. The best benefit is that when your AC has a serious issue, you know it’s probably not a minor repair. You’ll feel better about the service call charge because it worth the repair.

Feel free to call our San Antonio office and ask an AC repair technician about the problems your system has. Current heating and air conditioning customers in San Antonio have priority. Please don’t try to repair anything you are not licensed to repair.

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