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Value Service Plans Over Emergency AC Repairs

When we speak to customers about regular maintenance, one of the things we’re most frequently asked about are our service plans. Many homeowners have AC repair service plans, and they pay dividends almost immediately. With an AC repair service plan, you can be confident that cleaning and checkups will be covered by trusted, expert AC repair specialists. This is why, when it comes to AC repair, nothing can keep your home comfortable and your energy bills under control like the assurance and stability that an air conditioner service plan can provide you. Additionally, because a service plan can provide continuous and trusted maintenance, it can save you on costly AC repair in the future. Most emergency AC repair can be avoided, and regular maintenance is key to avoiding such costly repairs. This is why, for the discerning homeowner, an air conditioner service plan is an essential.

But what other benefits can a service plan bring? There are many. Select service plans can offer your priority access to parts and maintenance, which will allow you to get the care your air conditioner needs as quickly as possible. This can be very helpful to a homeowner, as fast maintenance can help a unit keep over 95% of its original efficiency over a lifetime of timely, expert maintenance. This not only helps keep your home more comfortable, but also keeps your energy bills to the level you want. Nothing can cause skyrocketing energy bills like a malfunctioning air conditioner, and nothing stops malfunctioning air conditioners like the regular maintenance that comes with a service plan.

With TASCO’s platinum service, we offer the pinnacle of AC repair service, and help to ensure your unit never needs emergency AC repair. We stave off these emergency AC repairs with award winning service and the kind of attention to detail that can only come from AC repair specialists like TASCO. With the platinum plan, you’ll have AC repair technicians in your home to check on your unit twice annually. The plan also comes with a complimentary additional check, so that our experienced and expert AC repair technicians can help with any additional issues and AC repair problems. Also in the platinum plan, you’ll receive discounts on repairs and priority scheduling. And, as always with TASCO, you’ll know that your AC repair specialists are second to none in knowledge of your system. So call for platinum service today.

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AC Repair Service Plans TASCO Air Conditioning
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AC Repair Service Plans TASCO Air Conditioning
The value of having a service plan with TASCO over emergency repairs.
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