Energy Efficiency

Duct systems, radiant barrier and insulation are a handful of improvements that will reduce your energy bill while improving your comfort. Did you know poorly designed duct work reduces system efficiency and lifespan? That’s right inefficiencies can cause your system to run less efficiently and wear down before their manufactured lifespan.


Air Conditioner Repair

San Antonio can warm up quickly and unexpectedly at any time of the year. With unexpected heat waves come unexpected AC repairs due to failing equipment. Our goal is to keep your AC maintained and efficient helping you avoid hot days. Regular service of your air conditioner will ensure most problems are identified in advance.


System Installation

Your home comfort system (AC, furnace, duct work and components) have a lifespan of operation. Even though we maintain your system and repair as much as practically possible there comes a point when it’s time to replace your existing system. Our comfort engineers will help guide you through the design, customization and installation process to ensure your system balances energy costs, installation cost and home comfort.


Furnace Repair

The furnace provides your family the safety and comfort from the cold winter days in San Antonio. TASCO Air is here to help ensure your furnace is serviced regularly and operating at peak efficiency. Our goal is to keep your furnace and comfort system maintained and efficient to help you keep warm on the cold days.


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About Us

Our interesting story

For over 30 years TASCO Air Conditioning remains a trusted AC repair and furnace repair service in San Antonio. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction our customers continue to have with any repair and installation our company provided. Our success as an AC repair company in San Antonio is due to several characteristics of our business of which we continuously improve.
One of the best characteristics of our company that is a big point of pride is our employees. Our reliable and professional AC technicians are among San Antonio’s most trusted experts. The positive reviews and satisfaction our customers enjoy is largely due to the best of the best experts we hire and trust to service your air conditioner.
Another significant advantage TASCO maintains is the quality of the components we replace and units we install. Every brand has its strong points and key features. With so many brands to select from we chose to specialize in the very best. Our expertise is very active in repairing and installing TRANE equipment and components.

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Since 1982 TASCO Air Conditioning has provided superior customer service and installed the industry's best equipment.

Our focus for over 30 years is and always will be on designing and installing the most efficient and, comfortable system when repairs are no longer feasible.

Feel free to email or call us with any questions about quotes or second opinions.

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