No Longer Available – Gold Service Agreement

We will waive the $89.95 service call when you sign a 1 year Gold Service Agreement (GSA).

Instant savings and benefits:

$0.00 for service call
$0.00 diagnostic charges
15% off all repairs – Immediately!
– Furnace check fall 2016
– A/C check spring 2017

Inside 1604: $169.95/per system

Outside 1604: $189.95/per system

*Terms and conditions apply. Gold Service Agreement payment due prior to booking repair appointment. Cash, credit or check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My GSA ends soon, can I renew early when my seasonal check is scheduled?
A: Yes. Either call in to our office to renew by credit card or ask the HVAC technician to renew you during the scheduled maintenance.

Q: I have a repair needed now and want to go with TASCO Air Conditioning, can I sign up for a GSA now to receive the 15% off?
A: Yes. Call in to sign up or have your payment ready when the technician arrives for your scheduled diagnostic. From that point on you’re covered by TASCO Air Conditioning GSA terms with all the benefits.

Q: What is the difference between a GSA and service call for a repair?
A. A GSA is an agreement between the homeowner and TASCO Air Conditioning renewable annually at $169.95 (inside 1604) and $189.95 (outside 1604) per system. The agreement covers your home by:

  1. 15% off all repairs (save hundreds to several thousand dollars!)
  2. $0.00 service and diagnostic charge ($89.95 per call)
  3. Fall (Furnace system) check and gas turn-on ($89.95)
  4. Spring (AC system) check ($89.95)

Q: Why do you discount so much via your GSA program?
A: It’s our way retaining loyal customers who save TASCO Air Conditioning time and money. With our technicians servicing your system(s) at least twice a year we become very familiar with how your system operates, how your family uses the heating and cooling in the seasons and can identify issues needing repair in the future. In sum, by having us regularly service your system(s) we become very efficient and pass the savings on to you for your loyalty!