2016-2017 Energy Savers CPS Energy CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING AND


Overview of the CPS Energy Savers Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps Rebate

Rebates are available from CPS Energy for residential and small commercial CPS Energy customers to replace existing central air conditioning with a new central air conditioner. To qualify the new unit must have a minimum 15 SEER and a 12.0 EER rating.

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TASCO Air Conditioning & Heating is a REGISTERED CPS Energy contractor. We help with the rebate paperwork!


Item Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Efficiency Requirements for Central AC 15.0 SEER 16.0 SEER 16.0 SEER >17.0 SEER
12.0 EER 12.5 EER 13.0 EER 13.0 EER
Requirements for Heat Pumps 15.0 SEER 15.0 SEER 16.0 SEER >17.0 SEER
12.0 EER 12.5 EER 12.5 EER 12.5 EER
8.2 HSPF 8.5 HSPF 8.5 HSPF 8.5 HSPF
Rebate dollars (Dollars X tonnage) $110/ton $125/ton $160/ton $225/ton